Math Man

Math Man

Math Man is a pac man game about controlling the Math Man to eat all the ghosts
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Math Man is a funny and interesting flash game. It looks like the famous Pac Man, but with a twist: unlike the Pac Man, where you should get points by gathering dots and avoiding ghosts, here you are supposed to eat ghosts.

To move the Math Man, you should use ‘down’, ’up’, ’left’ and ‘right’ arrow keys. There is a maze just like in Pac Man. But in this maze there is a special food for your Math Man, which lets him know which ghosts to eat. When Math Man eats this food you are provided with a mathematical formula. The answer to this formula appears on one of the ghosts, which is the ghost you should eat. At the beginning of the game you have three lives. Every next level is more and more difficult because mathematical formulas become harder and the number of ghosts increases. This game does make you strain your brain, indeed.

You can enjoy this game for free, but it requires an Internet connection, if you want to play the game on the web site of the developer. However, you can download and spare yourself the need to browse the web page.

Damir Buzikov
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